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Hope. Healing. Growth.

We are created for connection and are not meant to go through emotional distress alone. OnPurpose has the staff, resources, and support youth and their families need. We are here to help them find hope, healing, and purpose beyond their trauma.

Why Us?

We understand what you're going through.

Many of us became therapists and social workers after our own experiences with trauma. The team at OnPurpose know healing is possible because we've lived through it ourselves.

We are passionate about what we do.

Our staff has advanced training in counseling and social services. We entered into this profession to help others and we love what we do.

We'll support you to find your own answers.

Working with OnPurpose is always collaborative. While we are here to guide you with resources or well-research psychological methods, we will never tell you who you are or what you should do.

Meet Our Team

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