Image by Robo Wunderkind

STEAM Play Therapy

The comprehensive counseling and support your family needs.

As adults, when we have emotional issues or mental health problems, we are often able to recognize that something is out of sorts; sometimes, we are even able to share our emotions with others. But with children – particularly those who are very young – this may not be possible. Some children may be unable to express themselves verbally, some may be shy, and some others may not be very comfortable with sharing their problems. 

Through play, children will learn new coping mechanisms and how to redirect inappropriate behaviors. Some of the potential benefits of play therapy are:

          Developing coping strategies


          Alleviating anxiety

          Stronger social skills

Taking responsibility for behaviors
Gaining a sense of respect and empathy

Our Approach

Our therapist, Tameka pairs STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math) and therapy to help your child heal.  During the therapy session, children will engage in a mini science lesson using STEAM concepts. Throughout the lesson, the therapist will help the child explore emotions and deal with unresolved trauma.