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OnPurpose’ Pathway to Wellness is a comprehensive workplace wellness program that offers customized lifestyle programs to empower employees to improve their productivity and well-being. The goal is to create a personal experience with each employee to improve health & fitness.


This multi-dimensional approach to wellness caters to the needs of all employees despite their initial motivation or fitness level. The main three components of the program are on-site chats, digital weight loss technology, and monthly challenges.

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Onsite Chats

OnPurpose Pathway to Wellness is committed to increasing the awareness of healthy and positive lifestyle choices by providing programs and resources that promote a culture of health and wellness for the OnPurpose family. Each month we are committing to promoting healthy discussions around health, nutrition and/or fitness during our staff meetings.


Digital Weight Loss Technology

The program aims to provide access to technology solutions for staying on track. Employees who participate in the OnPathway to Wellness pledge will receive a monthly stipend to purchase the Weight Watchers Digital tool. 


The tool will help employees to reach their goals by:


  • Taking a personal assessment for a holistic view of what impacts weight loss or maintenance for you. From food, to sleep, to how you think;

  • Scientifically matching you with a food plan (Blue, Green, or Purple) that guides you toward food choices geared for your preference; and,

  • Offering a personalized tracker, FitPoints, tips and tricks, recipes, and tools designed to help make losing or maintaining weight easier.

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Crossing the Finish Line


Monthly Challenge

Employees committed to the OnPurpose Pathway to Wellness Program may choose to take a pledge to compete in the monthly fitness challenge. Click here to learn more about this month's challenge.


Take the Pledge!

As a team, we can hold each other accountable for being our best selves!  Click here to take the pledge to wellness.

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