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Frequently asked questions

Do I have to participate in the HealthyWager to make a pledge?

No. You do not have to participate in the HealthyWager program to make a pledge to wellness.

Can my family members participate?

Yes! Your family can participate in the Pledge to Wellness and HealthyWager challenge. The entrance fee is $50 per person for each month they choose to participate.

Is the $50 HealthyWager per couple?

No. The $50 HealthyWager is per person. The total would be $100 for two people.

The $50 HealthyWager is a lot of money. Why is it so much?

Committing to make a change in your health is hard to do. The $50 HealthyWager is large enough to entice you to keep going.

How do I win the competition?

The entire challenge is based on the Wellness Vision goals. Participants with the highest percentages of completed goals. To declare a winner the challenge must have at least 1 individual who has met their goals at least 83% during the 30-day period. Simply stated, they have to commit to all 3 goals for a minimum of 25 days. Any days above the goal may be used as bonus days to be used in the event of a tie. For example: Tecara and Bill each had three goals. 1) to drink 8 oz of water each day; 2) to Walk for 30 minutes for 3 X's a week; and, 3) to eat no more than 30 FitPoints per day. Contest #1 - Tecarra (89%) Month 1 Walking Goal 12 Days = Days actually walked 20 (100% + 8 bonus days) Month 1 Water Goal 8oz over 30 Days = Days goal met 25 (83%) Month 1 FitPoints 30 points X 30 Days - Days goal met 25 (83%) Contest #1 - Bill (55%) Month 1 Walking Goal 12 Days = Days actually walked 5 (41%) Month 1 Water Goal 8oz over 30 Days = Days goal met 25 (83%) Month 1 FitPoints 30 points X 30 Days - Days goal met 25 (83%) Since the average of all three of Tecarra's goals were at least 83%, then Tecarra would win the competition.

Is there a minimum weight lost goal?

No. Although this program is designed to help you to lose weight success will be measured by the commitment to the goal and not the number of pounds lost. In the event of a tie, extra days and/or pounds lost may factor in selecting a winner.

How is the final prize calculated?

The final prize is calculated by the number of participants in the HealthyWager challenge. Each participant will pay $50. For example, if six employees and six spouses participated in the program that would be a total of $50 X 12 participants. The total pot for the HealthyWager would be $600.

What if no one meets their goals?

To win a participant must commit to following the program at least 25 of the 30 days (83%). If none of the participants meet the goal then the pot will be moved to the following month. Participants will add another $50 to the pot which will increase the winnings for that month. For example. In October the pot was $600. During the October challenge no one met their goals so a winner was not declared. In November if everyone choses to continue the challenge then the new pot will be $1,200.

Can I get my money back if no one wins?

No. You will forfeit your money for that month. The money will stay in the pot for next month's winnings.

If no one wins can I use that $50 for the following month?

No. Each month that you participate in the program you must make another HealthyWager of $50.

Can a Winner participate in the following month's challenge.

Yes. As long as you pay your HealthyWager you may participate in as many challenges that you wish.

How do I know my payment information is secure?

HealthyWagers will be collected using the CheddarUp application. Cheddar Up is used by hundreds of thousands of organizers, sellers, groups and communities across North America. We help collect millions of dollars each month and have major partnerships with large national organizations. Payments are secure and anyone can pay without having to download an app or create an account.

Is the HealthyWager program legal?

Yes. Although we use the word “bet” to explain the concept, HealthyWager isn’t gambling in the legal sense because you are in control of the outcome at all times. It's up to you to commit to your goals and/or lose weight.

Do I have to lose weight to win the challenge?

No. Winners are selected by commiting to their goal. There is no monthly weigh-in (other than the non-verified weigh-ins that you can optionally do on the app to keep track of your fantastic progress!). Weightloss will only be used in the event of a tie.

Can I participate if I had bariatric surgery?

Yes. Winners are selected based on their commitment to the goals and not weight loss.

Can I participate if I am using weight loss pills?

Yes. But you must do so under the advice of a medical professional.

What if I have a medical event during my challenge?

We understand life happens and sometimes injuries or illnesses occur. If a medical diagnosis will cause you to miss 5 days or more then be prepared to provide formal documentation. If your documentation is approved then your HealthyWager may be moved to the next challenge.

Are my Winnings Taxed.

The IRS has set a $600 threshold for reporting of contest prizes/winnings. We will only collect tax information if your winnings if you win a prize greater than the IRS threshold. You should, of course, ask your tax advisor for advice as to whether your specific winnings are taxable (we make no representations).

Can I get a refund?

The goal of OnPurpose Pathway to Wellness job is to prevent you from giving up, so you can't quit -- there are absolutely no cancellations or refunds. In the event of a medical condition you may move your challenge to another month.

Will I receive a Weight Watchers reimbursement?

Yes. OnPurpose is committed to the health and wellness of its employees. All employees will receive a reimbursement for the Digital program (up to $20 per month per person. The reimbursement is for the employee and their spouse for a maximum of 3 months.

I'm ready to get started. How do I begin?

Please fellow the steps at